Series: ZYT-PL-001
Brand: Pili®
Spec: 26 cm length * 19 cm width
Design: Sixteenmo Color Printing
Page: 72 Pages In Average
Original: 40.00
Product Detail

Discover A New World of Martial Arts through Witty and Ingenious Multi-directional Plots and Suspenseful Storylines

Series: ZYT-PL-001
Brand: Pili®
Size: 26 cm (length) * 19 cm (width)
Design: Sixteenmo Color Printing
Page: 72 Pages In Average
Package Includes: One Issue, Original Packing Bag
Backlist: Issue 229, 233, 234, 236, 237, 238, 239, 240, The 20th Annual
(Issue 229-240)
Featured Columns: Cover Figure, Hero's Story, Idol Preview, Playwright's Talk, Super Hit, Top Rank, Pili Information, Pili Announcement, Poem & Poetry, Music On Memory, Comings & Goings

From classic icons to the latest popular names, encompass a complete review of full characterization, including idol previews, pictorials, hall of fame, as well as panoramic viewpoints on cover figures.
Unveil the newest fascinating plots and important figures in the arena as the series unfolds, zoom in on deep analysis on the status of folk sects and the secret societies, along with depth reporting from both scriptwriters and fans perspectives.
Learn what goes on behind the scenes and some foreshadowing laid down in the storylines through a scriptwriter's outlook, from characters analysis, future episodes, to philosophical lineage, poem and music, sculpts and props.
Get an exclusive sneak peek into spoilers regarding unaire depisodes, internal announcement, events schedule in Taiwan and around the world, and recommendations on the newest official merchandise.
Club bulletin, irregular cover-mounted foldout poster and bookmarks, you'll also receive complimentary limited-edition doll, annual photo album and postcards by joining Pili Fan Club.
UV varnishing on quality coated paper, sixteenmo full color printing, 72 pages in average assure visual impulse on products.
Take home a particular monthly or all the 12 issues throughout the year, as a beautiful remembrance of your favorite puppet shows.
Gift wrap available at a charge of ¥16 per copy upon request.