PiLi Puppet Theatre


In today's society, traditional cultural art is treated more like a fad, whichfades in popularity over time. However, PiLi Puppet Theatre in Taiwan hassurpassed this stereotype by gaining world popularity and success by evolvingthroughout the years, yet keeping old cultural traditions alive.

PiLi's Entertainment Shocks the World

Traditional Hand Puppet Shows
Hand Puppet Shows are also referred to as Palm Shows. This performing artistryof wooden puppets had reached its maturity during the late Ming and early ChingDynasty in China's Chuen-cho area. The Puppet Shows came to Taiwan from FujianProvince in the mid-Ching Dynasty (AD.1800) during the wave of immigration fromChina to Taiwan at this time. Puppet masters, utilizing their uniqueone-man-multiple-voice talent, enacted stories and legends, with a mix of richChinese customs, culture, historical tales of chivalry and stories of passion,brought to life each puppet character. They captured the hearts of audiences andskillfully guided them into the story. Today, Taiwan's Puppet Shows areclimbing another artistic peak through the continuing efforts of a family fromYuen-lin --- the Huang Family.

Finding new ways to change
The credit for upholding the long lasting popularity of Hand PuppetShows in Taiwan, no doubt, belongs to the Huang family. Through their creativeperformances and their skillful management, they continue to find new ways toevolve the Hand Puppet Shows. Ultimately, the Huang family had developed thefamous PiLi Dynasty with the PiLi Puppet Theatre. Following the current trendsof modern society and the technological media- television became the newperforming stage of the Puppet Shows and delivered this theatrical artistry toeven a much broader audience. In its effort to attract the young viewers of thenew generation, PiLi Puppet Theatre continued to create new and interestingconcepts in their stories, including- illusionary time and space themes andaction-packed Chinese kung-fu sequences. Now, the Puppet Show's stage andpresentation techniques can now expand to a different level of possibilities.

Family Tradition Produces Miracle in TraditionalArtistry

Handing down family tradition from one generationto the next
For over a hundred years that Hand Puppet Shows have been performed inTaiwan, the Huang family's passing the torch and making new changes to thetraditional artistry of Hand Puppet Shows have made them the living history ofTaiwan's Hand Puppet Show development. From Huang Ma's "Jin-chuenYuen" Theatre to "Wu-jou Yuen" Theatre established by the renownNational Artistic Treasure Master Huang Hai-dai, to Huang Tsun-Hsiong whooriginated the television Puppet Shows, and finally, Chris Huang and VincentHuang. After inheriting the family trade from their father, the two brotherstook the art one step beyond the previous performing method and limitation,creating revolutionary hand Puppet Shows --- movie style, at the same timecreating a new realm for a different type of cultural inheritance.

Brothers working together to bring local artistryonto international stage
As the President of PiLi and the head of Huang family's forth HandPuppet generation, Chris Huang is also the producer who brings an abundantwealth of cultural insights into the Puppet Shows. Vincent Huang, with anincredible vocal talent to perform the voices for the puppets, concentrates hisfull effort in performing this vocal artistry. The two brothers are companyleaders, but more so, they are the souls of PiLi Puppet Theatre. They elevatedthe performing organization of Puppet Shows through enterprising, humanization,and multifaceted approach. By working together, they are working to take thetraditional hand Puppet Show highlights into a new height and to present Taiwaneseculture to all corners of the world.

Unpredictable World of PiLi martial arts createsmultiple climaxes
PiLi's chief scriptwriter Chris Huang has been honored by fans with thetitle "Ten-cart books" which symbolized the completeness of hisknowledge of Chinese texts. His unlimited imagination is united with ancientplay scripts, famous Chinese historical literature, and the hundredphilosophical lineage such as Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, etc. Togetherwith his many years working as a producer, Mr. Huang is able to incorporatevisual screen scenes into his scripts, allowing him to create strong andextravagant visual styles. Adding his experience at the corporate managementlevel, he reflects the life experiences from the social reality onto the complexyet humanistic characters in the shows. The witty and ingeniousmulti-directional plots along with suspenseful story development have kept fansfanatic about Chris Huang's world of martial arts.

Amazing art of vocalization that is rich in emotion
With an honorable title of "Eight Tone Genius", Vincent Huangis responsible for the part of vocal performance. He dubs all character voicesin the Puppet Shows by himself. His rich voice is performed with full emotionthat brought the characters to live, giving each wooden puppet its ownpersonality and livelihood. Over twenty years, he has concentrated and devotedhimself in the dialogue and sound effects performances, making him a master incharacter dubbing. He is the best in the Taiwan Puppet Shows' arena, evenprofessional vocalization actors from other countries are amazed by his talent.Therefore, when it comes to PiLi's Puppet Theatre video productions, vocals arerecorded first before filming. This is to give the director, puppeteers, andother production workers a chance to find each puppet's emotion and productioninspiration through Huang's voice.

Superior quality in Hardware, High Tech Management

largest Puppet Shows production center
Located in Yuen-lin's Hu-wei area, the three large studio buildingscovering over 9000 square meter are designed solely for filming the PuppetShows. This is the largest Puppet Shows production center not only in Taiwanbut also in the World. Taking in consideration for an even stricter all-aroundproduction, hardware equipment and filming techniques are constantly beingrenewed. From the filming crew, production room, animation room, and recordingroom, to the post production center, each is equipped with advanced digitalsystems. Other areas are designed specifically for scriptwriters, puppetdesign, prop production, and graphics design. With the professional, complete,and detailed production processes, as well as delegated work and personnel, allof the Puppet Show productions were able to reach high standards of qualityexcellence, and the distribution of the programs be managed as an enterprise.

Revolutionary filming technique, high-budget andadvanced special effects production
What most audiences like about the PiLi Puppet Theatre is the movieeffects that are presented throughout the whole program. The script, editing,camera angles, special effects and all have greatly surpassed the productionstandards and the budget of a regular television show. Especially the martialarts fighting scenes that utilized sand blowing, rock flying, explosions,special effect props, video editing, and precision in puppet controltechniques, all of which transformed the puppet stars into masters of martialarts. Through the movie production experience, PiLi also brought in Hollywoodmovie production techniques, plus computer animated special effects and digitalsound effects production, making the Puppet Shows' images and sound effectseven more astonishing and movie like.

PiLi's International Perspective and Managing Concept

For PiLi, the new millennium stage is no longer in Taiwan. From the officialrelease of the first Puppet Show movie "Legends of the Sacred Stone"in 2000, it not only set new records in Taiwan but also made new headlines andconversational topic in the International video arena.

With the passion and mission toward the traditional art of Puppet Shows,president and producer of PiLi Multimedia International Chris Huang bared aheavy load of pressure. With gentle manner, calmness, and perseverance, Huangbelieves that uniqueness is the foremost critical requirement for a product tobe competitive in the market. Other requirements include having multi-angledmanagement focus, utilize to full potential of cooperation with otherbusinesses, and the ability to visualize long term investments. These are hismanaging philosophy, and the key reasons for PiLi's success today. He hasalready drawn up a blueprint --- Walk beyond Taiwan, Step toward International.

Taiwan's business must be rooted and guarded while USA, Europe, Japan, China,and other international market will need patience to plant. This has alwaysbeen the concept that he insisted upon. Watching the multiple climax andcomplex stories of the PiLi series seemed to be reflecting the extraordinary wisdomand strategy of the manager as well as PiLi scriptwriter. And the success ofTaiwan's PiLi Dynasty seemed to show an Eastern Disney's dream appearing.